The Adventures

In the early months of 2016 I realized I was "in a rut". I wasn't stoked on what I was doing. A change was necessary. In June of 2016 I set out to make my life as interesting and fun as I could. This included living in a tent on Oahu and moving to Colorado at the start of winter. I decided that in order to show my friends and family (and to create memories for Future Joe) what I was up to, I would create the world's most cliche type of website. The infamous travel blog.

I hope this list of locations continues to grow and you enjoy watching / reading as much as I like creating it.


Denver - Colorado

I moved to Denver in the middle of December in 2016. My plan was simple - snowboard as much as possible. 

Oahu - Hawai'i

This is the trip that got me out of my comfort zone and started my wanderings. The tale begins in Colorado, ironically, and ends with me leaving the Big Island. 


I make random videos that don't always make it to the blog. Check out my channels on either of these sites for more eye snacks.